Dating in the middle ages web series

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Dating in the middle ages web series

It causes challenges in all areas, but the upside is you have to become very creative to meet those challenges and that can be a blast.Also since the web series industry is still pretty new and audiences are still finding their way towards it, especially those over 25, it can be challenging to find your audience and get them to watch. Right through some very frustrating, albeit comical, situations.

She moved to Los Angeles, California from Boca Raton, Florida.Voila, “Dating In The Middle Ages.” Why the medieval interludes? Mills: In “DITMA” my character Samantha Collins is a historical romance writer and her novels take place in the Middle Ages – that is her second home so to speak.So it makes sense that when she daydreams about dates they end up coming out (most of the time) in medieval fantasies.And lastly, the very – and I mean very – bad date this season is played by John Bader and he is simply hysterical. It is going to be a blast for viewers, especially the end of the season which takes place out in the wilderness and Samantha gets – oops, sorry, don’t want to give it away!Let me just say I hope viewers have as much fun watching “Dating In The Middle Ages” as we did making this fun series, all just for them.

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Actress of numerous short films who would land her first series regular role on the show Stuck in the Middle as Rachel Diaz.

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