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Another one to never use is, “I could be the man of your dreams”.

The lady HOPES you are but she will be the judge of that…so don’t insult her intelligence.

It’s a chivalrous move and one that shows your admiration and passion for someone.

That’s true for internet dating, as well as, dating in your brick and mortar world but we’re talking about internet dating here…so back to the subject at hand. It’s important that your profile lets people know that you have friends you care about and that you are passionately interested in a variety of things…not JUST sports.

Once you have joined an online dating service, you will find that there a lot more men than women and that the men are much more likely to browse profiles and make initial contacts than women. Another thing about that all-important profile….please don’t start it with, “I’m the guy your mama warned you about”.

You can try willpower first, but it won’t work if leather-wearing, shot-taking party girls are your kryptonite. If you maintain the upper hand with a bad girl, she has less rope to hang you with.

Keep her close physically, but far away emotionally.

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That’s why your profile and picture are so important.

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