Dating my fender amp Free pa chats

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Dating my fender amp

The process that went into figuring all of this stuff out over 6 years and countless owners of vintage Fender amps is hands down an amazing story.“Dating Fender Amps by Serial Number,”20th Century Guitar Magazine, Gagliano, G., March 1997, pp 28 – 29.If you’re wondering who buys vintage amplifiers in Alabama, the Southeast, and the United States then you’ve come to the right place.I’m happy to help you with questions like “what is my vintage Fender amplifier worth?

Bassmans that were manufactured in the 50s and 60s are known to resell in the ,000 to ,000 range.I am always buying quality vintage guitars, amplifiers, effects, etc.Take some basic photos and send me an email or fill out the form on this page where you can upload some photos if you have them.If you’re having difficulty dating and identifying your vintage Fender guitar then use the contact form on the right side of the page to send some pictures. Another method of dating a tweed Fender Champ is by serial number.

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The ability to date a Fender Bassman will often mean the difference between thousands of dollars when shopping for a vintage Bassman. manufactured the first Bassman in the early 50s, it has been replicated many times, making it hard to tell them apart.