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The note said: “Without your love, I would die.” A boy bought 12 roses for his girlfriend. When the last rose dies, my boyfriend will stop loving me.” She began to cry. When he got into her bedroom, he sealed the door up behind him. A boy went mountain climbing with his girlfriend and his best friend.He gave them to her and said, “I will stop loving you when the last rose dies.” The girl put the flowers in a vase. He held her tight, kissed her, hugged her and told her that he loved her. As they were ascending the cliff face, the girl and the friend both slipped and fell.She realized that she really loved the boy, so she went back to him and said, “Give me one more chance. I will never hurt you anymore.” But the boy just laughed and said, “Only a fool would take back someone who hurt them so badly…” The girl felt hopeless and began to cry, but the boy put his arms around her, hugged her tightly and said, “…and I guess I am one of those fools.” It was a girl’s birthday and she asked her boyfriend to buy her a bracelet.A teenage boy gave a challenge to his girlfriend to live a day without him. He said that if she passed the test, he would love her forever. The place was silent and there were people gathered in the living room dressed in black.Tears began to fall from her eyes when she saw her boyfriend lying in a coffin.A few days after the breakup, the girl heard that her boyfriend had committed suicide. It was the story of how they had met and fallen in love. As time went by he grew up and got married, but he still kept the picture.

This year's auction features irons from the collections of Dave Irons (author of three books) and Buck Carson.As the days went on, the roses began to wilt and die, one by one. She asked what was wrong and he said that he was going to die. He picked her up and jumped out the window of the four story house. They were hanging onto the edge of the cliff for dear life. he had only one free hand so he had to choose which one he would save, his girlfriend or his best friend. When they reached safety, the best friend turned to the boy and asked, “Why me?He landed on his back and she landed on top of him. Thinking quickly, he reached out and grabbed the hand of his best friend. ” A tear fell from the boy’s eye and he replied, “Because friendship lasts a lifetime but love is eternal.” “What can I do to repay you? The boy looked at him gravely and replied, “Push me off this cliff so I can be with my love.” A boy was dating a girl who always hurt his feelings. It’s uncomfortable and its bothering me while I drive.” The next day, there was a story in the newspaper.Instead, he got her to tell him that she loved him one last time, got one last hug from her and put his helmet on her head so that she could live while he died himself. The next morning, she excitedly went to her boyfriend’s house.

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Tears are only water, and flowers, trees, and fruit cannot grow without water. A wounded heart will heal in time, and when it does, the memory and love of our lost ones is sealed inside to comfort us." "Love never dies a natural death.

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