Dating political differences

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Dating political differences

Cassie said some of these couples wouldn’t have chosen each other without the prompting of a matchmaker, but by keeping their hearts open they realized they were the right match despite differences in politics, religion, or lifestyle. “My most successful clients are open and understand that differences are a positive and not a negative.” Her book will examine the case studies of clients who went on to meet their matches and form solid relationships or happy marriages.Cassie will then offer her insights into the mindsets and tactics that helped these individuals find love in the modern dating scene.Cassie has been in the dating industry long before Trump, Tinder, or even came into power, and she has seen this phenomenon create global shockwaves that have impacted how singles choose their dates.As an experienced matchmaker, Cassie understands that 100% compatibility between two people is a myth, and couples often have to learn to compromise and learn to accept and love each other’s differences.Innovative Match arranges dates between clients across the political spectrum and encourages singles to have a face-to-face conversation before they pass judgment.“I tell my clients to listen to the other person’s side or don’t bring it up at all on the first few dates,” she said. Just be open-minded to it.” Polling data from the Pew Research Center backs up Cassie’s approach.The polarization in the US has impacted the dating scene as a growing number of liberal and conservative singles refuse to cross party lines when seeking a date.Modern daters often don’t feel like they have to settle because they have so many options available.

Cassie is working hard to bridge this divide by persuading her clients to keep an open mind as they search for love.

Ok Cupid has also reported seeing a 50% increase in the number of users who marked the question “Do you enjoy discussing politics? “We’re finding politics are becoming a bigger dealbreaker today,” said Melissa Hobley, the dating site’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“Maybe the most they’ve been in many years.” Matchmaker Cassie Zampa-Keim has also noticed this shift in perception among her clients.

The Scoop: Cassie Zampa-Keim has been working in the matchmaking industry since 1990, and she has watched it change dramatically over the decades.

She founded her own matchmaking company, Innovative Match, in 2010 to keep up with the times and lend her sage experience to singles throughout the country.

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Her encouragement and support has made a difference in hundreds of people’s lives, and she told us she hopes to continue to be a positive influence on the dating scene, especially in these tumultuous times.

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