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From brainy cultural attractions for Ivy League-level interests to live music clubs that pay homage to the neighborhood’s punk rock roots, there are plenty of grade-A options to help set crimson hearts aflame and aflutter.

Dining-wise, Harvard Square’s strongest selling point is its high-low mix.

The upstairs level offers an especially clandestine-feeling, cosmopolitan vibe for sharing Continental cuisine and sipping from one of the neighborhood’s best wine lists.And it’s possible to meet others who feel the same way.There are a number of well-established charity and volunteer organizations in the Boston area that you can’t go wrong lending your time to, or a quick search on Volunteer Match can connect you to local groups of men and women who get together for a common cause.Although networking events shouldn’t be used for the sole purpose of scoping out singles and propositioning them after exchanging business cards, it is a way to meet and connect with other like-minded individuals.One-off networking events can be found on Eventbrite by industry or interest.

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And the city’s high-living costs, including expensive cocktails and often outlandish restaurant checks, can be a deterrent for some. We’ve rounded up six ways—besides surfing dating apps and hanging out in bars—to meet other Boston singles the old-fashioned way. Between work, family, and personal life, your schedule may be fully booked and your weekly workouts are not something you are willing to give up to make time for meeting new people. Consider killing two birds with one stone by exercising in a group setting.

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