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You should be acting just like you did before the first date.Even though you liked him a lot and want to contact him straight away after the first meeting, it is always advisable to hold on.You may come across as impatient if you’re texting too early.But, if you do not text at all he may think you don’t want to take it any further.However, if you want to know what he is thinking, then get in touch.Texting is a good way to keep the communication alive.In fact, you can always show your boundaries without being too harsh and a man will know that you would like to be respected in a relationship.

But, after first date, there are so many factors that come into being. The last thing you want to do is give off the signal that shows you’re least interested.

Instead of just running into him at all times, just keep meetings discreet.

He will chase you even more if you come across as a woman who values her time.

Always give your association some time before you can gradually start committing to him more when he starts to commit more to you.

After date rules doesn’t need you to overdo things.

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We’ve already assumed that it went well, but you need to know how well did it go exactly?

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