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The most current published WD must be incorporated for new contracts, option years, extension periods, and the annual or biennial anniversary date of a multiple year contract (FAR 22.1007).

For example, a WD published during an option year will not be "effective" for that contract until incorporated by the Contracting Officer for the start of the following option year (or extension or new contract).

On the other hand, Napa County Deputy District Attorney Patrick Collins said, he recognize the issues confronting companies in applying the existing law to internet dating services.

This is the best time to review the information you input, and to make sure the system put the right words in the right places.

A list of non-standard WD titles such as "Elevator Service" can also be viewed at Appendix 'A' of the on-line Users Guide.

Unlike, DOL's e98 website requires completion of the electronic equivalent of SF98 and 98a "Request for Wage Determination".

It will cover online dating services such as and E-harmony.

Assemblyman Kevin Mullin of South San Francisco introduced the legislation.

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