Dating services for child people

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Dating services for child  people

Changing norms at scale is integral to the process of change and a growing number of organisations are using mass media campaigns and other innovative methods such as radio, TV and digital media to raise awareness of girls’ rights and the impact of child marriage.

Religious and traditional leaders, too, have the potential to play a key role in speaking out against child marriage and changing community attitudes.

Ending child marriage requires work across all sectors and at all levels.

It requires us to understand the complex drivers behind the practice in different contexts and adapt our interventions accordingly.

Without change at this level, the day-to-day reality for girls all over the world will remain the same.

At the grassroots, organisations are driving change by campaigning, holding community conversations and using a variety of creative techniques such as street theatre and art to reflect on the practice of child marriage and communicate its harmful impacts for girls and their communities.

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