Dating sim games for linux

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This simulator can let you play a ton of board games and even invent you own with your own rules.

Kind of an Open World concept applied to board games.

Paradox Interactive has been another great supporter for us and this game is no exception, with a Linux version planned for the release window in Q1-Q2.

A factory simulator where you can automate about every task you need to accomplish. And available as an alpha build on their website for now. The release date not confirmed yet, but expect something probably during the first half of 2015.

To start this year in a good shape, I have decided to take a look at all the major PC titles coming up in 2015 and list up what we expect to get on Linux.

We start today with the Simulations / management games… I am taking for reference the long list established by PC Gamer to look for confirmed ports and benchmark how many games Linux gets versus Windows in each category.

Knowing there were 24 Sim Games listed for Windows, let’s see how many we should get on Linux…

This space simulator is already available for linux but still in Early Access. The guys from Introversion have always been big supporters of Linux (all their previous games made it to our platform) and Prison Architect is no expection.

It will be coming to Linux as well, and is now in early access on Steam. If you fancy building huge battleships and taking them to combat, this may be just the right game for you.

It is currently in alpha, with a final release due sometimes in 2015.

We know this colony management sim will be coming for Linux at some point but it’s delayed versus the Windows and Mac versions This game got mixed reviews so far but it’s anyway already available on Linux as an early access game on Steam.

You will help him navigate throughout the many social circles of the late 1700s.

Throughout this journey, there will be many familiar faces like the Schuyler sisters, Aaron Burr, John Laurens, and many more.

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