Dating site essays

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Dating site essays

I supposed I was because he was more open minded guy who loved threesomes and group sex.In contrast I strongly believe in remaining loyal to my partner until we are together.He could be seen buying bathing soap in his loose boxers at the neighborhood grocery store. Hoping to find my soul mate, I opened accounts on every known free gay dating site I could find. Definitely it took patience to convert this relationship into marriage.I still remember my first love Darren, a rape child. Neither of us had enough money to travel to meet the other. On top of everything else, he was not in good health.In between these three serious contenders, there were many others who came and went like a scorching hot wind in my life. An unsolvable question is, why do Indians name their children after the name of gods and goddesses?I've never come across a person whose name is Jesus to date!There are many bisexuals, already married with children, wants committed long term relationships, especially in India!I've never figured out how two simultaneous committed relations are possible, one with a woman and another with a man.

Doubtless to say, bisexuality is a curse bestowed on mankind by the Almighty. People like me, who want to live in one world while rejecting the other, have it rough.

He didn't like that he sent me messages through the most famous gay dating site of India one day and I replied to him the next day. Then he added that someone had proposed him, and he wanted to know what my reaction was! Why should I care for the person who, after two months of rosy talk, suddenly disappeared into thin air without considering my anguish over one-sided love?

However, we're still in contact and chat occasionally.

For six months, we conversed through e-mails, overflowing with descriptions of how we loved each other. But in a moment of excitement, when I asked if he'd wait for me until I finished my study, got a job, and gathered the money to travel there, he replied in the next mail that he could wait even ten years for Me The exact words he used were, "I love you more than my life itself!

" I believed myself lucky to have found love in my first attempt.

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My second love was mere 18 years old, and he had the same misconception.

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