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To navigate, simply drag the map where you want to go or zoom in and out.

Like a real world map, musicmap is a spherical projection, which implies that the left side crosses over to the right side.

Said balance is always the main subject of discussion in music genre genealogies and the capital reason why an absolute visual reference has been absent thus far (and probably always will be).

Musicmap is a platform in search for the perfect balance of popular music genres to provide a powerful tool for educational means or a complementary framework in the field of music metadata and automatic taxonomy.

When zoomed out, only the super-genres will appear and the main genres and their relationships are hidden.

There are even more genre names than visible on the Carta, but these are often subject to debate, too similar to already existing genres, meaningless umbrella terms, or simply very small and obscure, quickly leading to over-classification.

[example of two different genres as shown on the Carta, with explanation of possible links.

Notice the use of “/”, indicating synonyms and “&”, indicating a combination of two (or more) different but closely related genres into a sibling genre group.] When you click on any main music genre, a specific genre panel will pop up, with much additional information as shown on the picture below.

These panels can be customized in the future to implement additional features or external links.Its aim is to focus on the delicate balance between comprehensibility, accuracy and accessibility.In other words: the ideal genealogy is not only complete and correct, but also easy to understand despite its complexity.Horizontal timelines provide clear information about which year each genre emerged, although for most genres this is disputable, which is why the timelines are faded in the background and surplus information is added in separate genre descriptions.These descriptions provide the subtleties that cannot be made visually clear in order to completely understand the sociological, semantic and technical context of their respective genres.

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This process is never-ending, always incomplete, and requires further input from the international community.

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