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Dating someone with opposite political views

The introvert can drag the extrovert down/the extrovert can irritate the introvert Be careful with the introvert: is he just of a quiet, calmer demeanor, or is he actually anti-social, pessimistic and generally doesn’t like people?

If so, he/she will poison the extrovert’s spritely view on life and people.

Be sure you’re only dating your opposite for yourself, and no one else.

Can you, if you are a Democrat, even, perhaps, not an actively campaigning one, but one who would certainly never deign to vote for Mitt Romney, consider in good faith a Republican as a possible suitor?

You can learn diplomacy There is no better way to practice diplomacy, mutual respect and tact than to date somebody with different political views.

Most of that is how it goes when two opposites meet.

Another flip displayed more left-leaning tweets from CNN, the Huffington Post and Ezra Klein. The Wall Street Journal's Blue Feed, Red Feed tool shows users conservative and liberal Facebook posts on a specific topic like abortion, guns or Donald Trump, in a side-by-side view.

It's unclear which Twitter API Flip Feed is using, but Twitter invested million in MIT's Laboratory for Social Machines when it launched nearly two and a half years ago, a move that included full access to Twitter's "real-time, public stream of tweets, as well as the archive of every tweet dating back to the first." according to MIT News.

The wild child can remind the proper one that life isn’t all about getting to the next step, but also about enjoying the ride.

The proper one and the wild child can embarrass each other What might seem cute about the wild child when the two are alone can be embarrassing around the proper one’s friends.

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