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Dating stella harmony guitars

For fleeting moments that tone is apparent, only to retreat into the hollow nether reaches of the box.

What if you could get that sound out for all to hear, get it ringing like a 1930s Grand Concert sized Oscar Schmidt Stella and as playable as a 1947 OOO Martin?

The process is similar, except their braces are already where they should be and are the correct thickness, but some or all have usually cracked or popped loose.

I remove the braces, trim them down and configure them more like the old Schmidts, unleashing the sound from the top and back. There is a lot of structural and playability work to do also, reset the neck, re-enforce it with a carbon-fibre rod, replace the fingerboard with a piece of rosewood or ebony, and refret.

A new bridge is usually needed, also fashioned from rosewood or ebony.

Hot Rodding Your Harmony or Kay (and getting your historic Oscar Schmidt to play and sound as good as it should) Most of us have owned a Harmony or Kay during our playing careers – a fondly remembered first guitar, or maybe a good looking but difficult playing, boxy sounding tank.

The joke is “It’s a good guitar for slide”, meaning that the action is way too high to play comfortably, but there’s this just below the surface, potentially huge, crude, wooden tone floating around inside.

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The neck angle will have been steepened and a stiffer bass bar added.

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