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Dating sugar ru

The Netflix app for i OS is localized in 28 languages, and the developers' team is constantly working to refine the experience across a number of fronts.

In his talk John will discuss how Netflix approaches: high-quality localization, dealing with hostile network conditions, A/B testing and more. Do not miss the welcome speech of e-Legion’s CEO — Roman Beloded in the Main Hall.

Forget about the limits of mankind's possibilities! Fill in the questionnaire and share your idea at the ROSBANK’s booth.

Swift’s goal is to be safe enough for applications programming, fast enough for systems programming, interoperate seamlessly with Objective-C, productive enough for scripting and machine learning, and easy enough to teach to children.

In the language designer’s own words, “World Domination.” But what’s the cost of these competing priorities?

In this talk, we’ll see how some of the most entertaining and interesting consequences of these conflicting priorities played out in Uber’s multi-million line Swift codebase: Objective-C interop went horribly wrong, a seemingly reasonable design failing because of seemingly arbitrary type system restrictions, and a harrowing example of a bug in the Swift type-checker becoming an integral part of an important library.

Google Pay API gives a faster, simpler and safer way to pay in your app or on your website.

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Badoo is the world's largest dating service with an audience of more than 390 million users.

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