Dating tips for the kids

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Dating tips for the kids

We have witnessed firsthand the positive things that can come from having a bonus parent.This past summer, we put pen to paper and wrote/designed a children’s book that has become a labor of love for us.I’m sure he always presumed he would have his own biological children.But he met me, we fell in love, and I wasn’t prepared to have any more kids. They are two lucky kids.“When I was dating, I assumed I would follow that classic path of dating, marrying and having my own kids.We made sure the content focused on the common activities of being a bonus parent – things like driving carpool, making breakfast, sitting through athletic events, and reading bedtime stories.We also wanted to include a teaching moment in each one-page chapter so we added a ‘big idea’ value–tenacity, cooperation, honesty–to each page.

He has parented them to the best of his – and our – ability.Instead, he set out to be the best bonus dad he could be.Justin and I both realized very early on that co-parenting and step-parenting is not a competition between two homes.Our goal was to provide a beautifully illustrated, whimsical, colorful and engaging book that both children and adults would enjoy reading together.We wanted it to be applicable to both bonus dads and bonus moms.

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Reading it one way, the book highlights the bonus dad.