Dating two different people

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Dating two different people

Make sure you’re not seeing so many people every week that you have no routine or alone time.

“Start off just dating someone new once a week and progress to twice a week after a month or two, for example,” said Paulette Sherman, psychologist, dating coach and author.

“Sleeping with someone is a dating landmark, so you may want to have a talk at that point about monogamy or dating other people,” dating expert April Masini said.

“If you don’t have that talk, assume they’re still dating other people. And it doesn’t mean someone loves you or even has strong feelings for you.” It can be really tempting to put all your eggs in one basket if you hit it off with someone.

Dating multiple people helps to lessen the pain of disappointment if someone does happen to vanish or reject you.” Remember, “in a world with over 7 billion people, rejection just means: Next! Are you feeling guilty about dating multiple people?

“Challenge feelings of guilt or that voice that tells you that you may hurt your date’s feelings by seeing other people,” Sherman said.

Should you say something about seeing other people? That’s when “it is appropriate to lay down what is going on, such as if there is exclusivity or if there are other people you are seeing,” she said.

“If you’re dating other people, and nobody asks, you don’t have to fess up,” Masini said. Not everyone is “the one.” Try to temper your expectations at the very start of a relationship.

But it actually takes a lot to do it well and responsibly.

Be prepared to have repeated and honest conversations about where your relationship stands. Dating them is a different and much more complicated story,” Schweyer said.

And be real about what you actually want out of dating.

“Remember that they may be dating multiple people — just like you are,” Masini said.

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But the conversation doesn’t need to be a tell-all.

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