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If you're ghosting, that sucks but I won't bother you further, thanks anyway! I supposed after only 2 dates it's fine to be mostly unbothered but I'm really proud of myself.

He was the first person I'd dated recently where I was like wow ok this is someone I'm interested in, and that's the real disappointment. If his ghosting was a conscious decision, it's better that it happened now and someone that easily scared or upset isn't right for me.

I feel like I'm coming out of my doormat phase, so that makes me happy, but I'm also well aware that it came off as bitchy. I stopped initiating texts with him a couple weeks ago, but I always feel bad about leaving people on read, so I would continue to text back, but I just got fed up with the complete lack of substance on his part. Some of the stuff I've been guilty of make me cringe to think of.

ETA: For what it's worth, after making this post, he and I managed to have a normal text conversation. Examples include: looking at past partners phones, getting pissy about them hanging with friends, social media snooping, getting upset about partners going on solo trips..get the idea.

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I'm not interested in any of the past manipulative behaviors I used to do (you know the ones: not responding to texts or giving pouty responses), I want him to feel secure, I want him to feel happy, I want him to know I feel excited for him and happy he is having a good time. window.___r = {"account Manager Modal Data":,"active Modal Id":null,"ads":,"api Request State":,"approved Submitters":,"author Flair":,"awards":,"badges":,"banned":,"block User":,"brand Safety":,"categories":,"chat":,"claim Gold":,"comments":,"comments List Truncated":true,"comments Page":,"community Flairs":,"content Gate":,"continue Threads":,"creations":,"dashboard":,"discovery Units":,"economics":,"emojis":,"external Account":,"feature Flags":,"flaired Users":,"focused Verticals":,"font Files":[,,,,,,,,,,],"gild":,"gold Purchase":,"header":,"image Uploads":,"is Email Verification Tooltip Showing":true,"is Moderator With Post Perms":false,"js Api":[],"leaderboard":,"listings":,"live":,"media Playback":,"meta":,"moderating Subreddits":,"moderation Log":,"moderators":,"mod Listing Page":,"mod Mode Enabled":true,"mod Queue":,"more Comments":,"multireddits":,"muted":,"notification Banner Id":null,"nps":,"old Site Rules":[],"original Content":,"partner Subreddit Connection":,"platform":,"post Collection":,"polls":,"post Flair":,"posts":{"best OCPosts":,"chained":,"embed And Image":,"expanded":,"focus":null,"instances":,"meta Map":,"models":{"t3_avrtze":,"t3_cyi0kv":,"t3_cy4w3q":,"t3_q=Cg ADCD7AQVZ2U6AKAAUkw Rqtm ABip Ag ABw AAAAEKAAw IPva UT-QA7w A=\u0026s=l I4s Dyzxy6vh BFYJ_p NHpwlc Ed Opd Gy Ax DKEFTv IXFc=":,"t3_cyi55q":,"t3_cy7y1q":,"t3_cyfh3a":,"t3_cr3pbs":{"domain":"","is Crosspostable":false,"is Meta":false,"is Stickied":false,"domain Override":"","call To Action":"Play Now","is Score Hidden":true,"saved":false,"id":"t3_cr3pbs","upvote Ratio":null,"author":"Game-of-Thrones4","post Categories":null,"media":,"num Crossposts":0,"is Sponsored":true,"num Comments":0,"source":,"is Locked":true,"score":0,"is Archived":false,"contest Mode":false,"preview":,"live Comments Websocket":"wss:// life would just suck even more than it already does.I think these might also be referred to as "breadcrumbing." Guy says "Hey" or "How are you?Well I started dating this new guy roughly 6 months ago.I'm not sure if it's him or if I've finally grown up but I haven't been interested in ANY of those behaviors.

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) and we had a nice 20-minute chat about our plans and setting up the date for the next day. We didn't have completely firm plans, it was "ok this is what we want to do, let's see how this works and be in touch tomorrow when we have our errands/whatever done" so in the afternoon we hadn't touched base and I texted him to check and see if everything was good, no response.