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Phoebe cannot exercise yet as she went for cesarean section and it does not matter when she will be resuming her work.I have been working in this industry for a long time but she gets married and has a baby after dating with me for 2 years.The white marble quarries now operated by William Vennai Sp A in the Italian Alps have proved to be a source of the highest quality material, providing marble for the statues of the great Michelangelo himself amongst others. The extracted marble is classified as ordinary white (white Carrara C extra, Bianco Carrara, Bianco Carrara, and Bianco Carrara CD C D) and to a lesser extent Bardiglio Nuvolato.These are considered to be amongst the oldest and most prestigious in the entire area, with the company having quarried the marble since its incorporation in 1924. Extremely valuable materials that, together with the Statuary of Torano, the Veins, the Crimson and Calacata, and Carrara marble have helped to make the area one of the most prestigious marble producing areas in the world.This means that production of even the most hard wearing of materials is facilitated through a wear resistant steel apron feeder, with massive stockpiling capability with over-wide conveyors to maximise delivery.With a one piece wear resistant rigid hopper it features a robust crusher-style chassis and has been designed to be compatible for 2-way or 3-way split configurations, as well as the ability to interchange side conveyors thereby demonstrating the ultimate flexibility of the unit.We always use natural fractures in the marble mass and always try to follow the marble strand so to offer greater aesthetic appeal and structure.” However, although many techniques have remained the same, new technology is also playing its part.

The QE341 is a heavy duty scalper with class leading open scalping area delivering enormous rates of production.

We could only really choose Sandvik, above all for the quality of the machines and then for our relationship with CGT, a relationship established over time and dating with me personally 30 years.

We place so much emphasis on our relationship that now our quarries only use CAT machines.

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) sang for the Community Chest Charity Show (明愛暖萬心) at night on 22nd June 2019.

He practised to sing song at home and children song in English to his daughter, Quinta (小豬比): “It is completely new to me and not easy at all. ) She appears to sing along and has improved drastically despite unable to talk now. I really hope Quinta will call mother followed by father as it is not easy to give birth to a baby and everyone will be happy.”When mentioned about his wife, Phoebe Sin (單文柔) appeared to regain her fit body figure, Ruco said: “She controls her weight very well during the pregnancy and only gains weight slightly after giving birth.

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