Daughter unhappy about father dating dating site chicken and egg problem

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Daughter unhappy about father dating

Are you going to let this child stop you from loving him?Considering you're catholic, I'm also going to bring this in.When we met, I didn't know the situation - a nasty ex wife who controls every aspect of his life and a 5 yr old daughter.We have both said that the other was the 'one' and knew it from our first meeting.I will be closer to the man I truly love (which is the most important reason), but I also get his ex, his daughter, his debt (he wants to get married this year, I am not sure I want to yet) and all the drama that goes along with it.I find I am getting resentful of the daughter (I know that is childish).I will not mention that they are also insecure and do not want to make a go of it on their own, plus who will want them anyway except for a man who already has children?

Accept defeat and move on, this is courageous and will save you a lot of heartache in the long term.We have both had our share of failed relationships (I am 32, he is 39)and can appreciate what we have now compared to what we've had in the past.As if an ex and a 5 yr old isn't hard enough on a new relationship, toss in this is a long distance relationship (same province, different towns).Of course the people who already have children when in a relationship with a person who has a child will say all sorts..we are selfish and that we need to grow up or that we do not really love our partner.However, for them it is a handy exchange of baggage: their boyfriend has baggage and so do they, so they can only accept each other's baggage and try to make a go of it.

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