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Posted by / 13-Feb-2020 12:20

In addition, So Fi also offers unemployment protection, which will come in handy when you lose your job.

If your job is lost, So Fi will suspend your payments temporarily to help you get back on your feet and start earning an income once again.

The repayment term length will vary depending on your needs; however, So Fi offers 5-year to 20-year plans for both the fixed and variable interest rate.

There are many different benefits to choosing and working with So Fi to refinance your loans.

Lastly, So Fi has a customer service team that is dedicated to helping you from the moment you voice an interest in the company.

After all scholarships and grants have been exhausted, the next option is student loans.Refinancing your student debt is just like your car or home mortgage.The new lender pays off your old one and gives you a new one with new, hopefully lower interest rate.The variable interest rate ranges from 2.59% to 8.38% APR.The fixed interest rate ranges from 4.74% to 8.24% APR.

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