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Black and reflective accents – Chrome or nickel finishes, glass and mirrors, ebony wood and other materials – these are accents that typically feel right at home in contemporary design.

A glass coffee table, for example, is a perfect complement to a low-slung, simple black sofa in a contemporary space.

The focus of this layering is generally to incorporate friendliness and spontaneity into a space with ho-hum tendencies.

Patterns – Classic and geometric pattern plays an important role in contemporary design today.

This includes architectural storage solutions, such as behind or inside of walls, as well as furniture-based storage, such as the drawers camouflaged in the sculptural elements on these side tables. Tailored, or nonexistent, skirts – A simple, clean aesthetic when it comes to fabrics bespeaks contemporary design – keep the ruffles and excess fabric at bay.

Neutral, masculine color palette – Feminine elements don’t tend to take root in contemporary design; rather, the overall effect is more muted, mature, and masculine. Sleek, clean lines – Contemporary design is grounded; nothing here feels over-the-top.This colorful low seat and ottoman set, for example, incorporates a subtle contemporary vibe with its diagonal striped weave.A work-in-progress – As you know by now, contemporary design is ever-evolving.To make these spaces truly contemporary, however, the modern pieces (e.g., low sofa, shag rug) are mixed with other non-modern elements (e.g., concrete floor, graffiti-type wall mural).Contemporary Traditional – Traditional furnishings take on a contemporary look and feel when they are combined with lighter elements.

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Characteristics such as natural materials, expansive neutrals with pops of color, and clean, low lines are all part of modern décor.

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