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Desktopdating network

f=12 instead of these sourceforge mailing lists, which are slowly being closed in the interest of project organization.

To get AMIS 3 beta 4 and start testing, go to: Testing You are receiving this email because of one or more of the following reasons: 1.

Margie Sent via Black Berry by AT&T -----Original Message----- From: Marisa De Meglio Subject: [Amis-users] AMIS 3 beta testers needed Hi everyone, We're looking for beta testers for AMIS 3. As a beta tester, we will be asking you to examine our existing features and let us know if something doesn't work or is confusing, and then submit a recipe of how to reproduce the behavior.

There will also be an FTP site where you can upload books that you used during testing.

y NHO5pjp4t XW1LTV19r Y2KHe4 Tix8ba2ODOy ZPh0Oibop Saopqnl5Kdq5mqm6KUkay Wnp Rlq WX2Jz Z0tfd3d OTl ZOjl6Ggn JWT Prefer not to receive invitations from Desktopdating members? y NHO5pjp4t XW1LTV19r Y2KHe4 Tix8ba2ODOy ZPh0Oibop Saopqnl5Kdq5mqm6KUkay Wnp Rlq WX2Jz Z0tfd3d OTl ZOjl6Ggn JWTHi Chris, No, the AMIS user guide is only available as a DAISY book.

We could include a text-only version in the next installation.

I need to review the material sent with your e-mail, and - will get back you the beginning of next week.

Visit the below URL to prevent further reminders of this invitation This company came as a surprise ,low price for laptops and cellphones ,and i can find what i like . Dave At PM 12/1/2008, you wrote: Hi all, AMIS will reach a stable release soon, and I need to have the self- voicing prompts narrated as well as for the help file. This means it's the last chance to stress- test it before widespread distribution. Improvements were made to internationalization, accessibility, and overall reading experience; and specific requests have been implemented.They say it is a wholesale company,but they also do retail. I can't wait to tell u such a good news,and i am sure you can also find your favourite, Hope u can have a nice try . 20p _________________________________________________________________ Nye Windows 7: PCen som passer for deg. In the past, I've done it, but I thought it would be a nice touch if we could get someone more professional (and, unlike me, someone without a cold at the moment! Let me know if you or anyone you know would be willing. There are two new notable features: (1) AMIS supports text-only books now, in addition to full-text, full-audio and audio-TOC books; and (2) there is a new piece of documentation, in DAISY format: the Keyboard Shortcuts book (found in the help menu).In general, AMIS will read DAISY 2.02 books with a bit of support for DAISY 3. Don't hesitate to ask us if you have questions. Alfred Morgan DISCLAIMER: De informatie verzonden met dit e-mail bericht is uitsluitend bestemd voor de geadresseerde.Best regards, Marisa De Meglio DAISY for All Project Feb 20, 2008, at AM, almorganjr wrote: Will the software work with jaws? Indien u niet de beoogde geadresseerde bent, verzoeken wij u vriendelijk dit aan de afzender te melden (of via: [email protected]) en het origineel en eventuele kopieën te verwijderen.

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