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We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. I determined for the first portion of my work, to adopt, with modifications, Mr. They are of extreme interest, as sbowinf incontestibly, the manufacture in Devonshire, and within some twenty m Ues of Plymouth, of metal blades of a form rarely found except in Ireland. 19 4 Item payed to the souldioures that were sent into Irelonde ... 3 Item payed to Eobert Kylbum for one quarter, is wages, to beate the beggars out of town ... 2 6 "An account of the produce of the Tolls of the Market, from 1561, to this year: — DRAKES EXPEDITION. "Thus most humbly submitting our Towne, goodes, and lives unto your Majestie's due and most gracious consideration, we rest your Majesty, loyal and obedient, the Maior and poor inhabitants of the Town of Ply- mouth." 1592.— John Gear, Mayor. " The gallery was begun in the Old Church about this time.

Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. It LDFORD »TTIF-ET /^ ' ' ■ — SF^"^"; ■ n wr-: .^l A is^ii Sff ■■ _ ; .1 •^ S ' f' 11 1 IS ar 1 J H 1 |] ■"^li. Nettleton's plan of mayoral annals and to add to it, from every source that might prove available, records of events, year by year, and to bring these down to the hour of publication. These moulds which are engraved on plate III, were found at Knighton. A., to whom the world Is indebted for so many imitortant arclmtological discoveries, in the " Archaoologic U Journal." vol. It consists of an oval ring, the longest diameter being at right angles to the vertical axis; a tihaft which is grooved at eadi end and doubly so at the middle ; and at the extremity opposite to the handle a grooved flange, into which the mirror was secured by rivet*. " The fort built on the Hoe Cliffs." Sir Francis Drake and Bobert Bassett, Esq., Members for Plymouth. The cage of five new bells wpre cast for Plymouth Church in the Workhouse. '' The Devonshire gentry and tradesmen rode and walked in company for protection, to the metropolis.

In the interview, she reminisced on the period when she was nameless as a singer and said, “Because I’ve spent close to 10 years as a nameless singer, I like it now that people recognize me.

While there is some inconvenience, that much I can handle.” Hong Jin Young also talked about her hit song “Love Battery.” She said that when she first saw the title and lyrics of the song, “it was so childish I cried.” She said she couldn’t relate to the lyrics, and felt really dull when recording the song.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. G., THIS ffl STOBY OP THE ANCIEIIT AND LOYAL BOROUGH OF PLTMOUTH, OF WHICH HIS a OYAL HIQHNES8 HOLDS THE OFFICE OF LORD HIGH STEWARD, BY ms MOST GEACr ODB AND SPECUL PEEMISSION, DEDICATED WITH THE MOST PBOFODHD FEELIIIG OF BESPECT AND WITH EAKNE8T PEAYEE8 FOR m S LONG LIFE AHD HAPPINESS, BY HIS MOST FAITHFUL AHD DEVOTED SEEVANT, LLEWELLYNN JEWITT. |N preflenting this yolame to the world, it is right, at the oatset^ to say a few words as to its origin and the reasons which have indaced its preparation. Peter's Church— Trinity Church- Christ Church — St. It was, as will be seen, barbed, and the rivets which had attached it to the shaft wore perfect. All the examples found in the " Bloody Pool " were broken into three pieces. everlastingly to continue your Majesty most prosperous and flourishing estate.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. In fact, as the Tolome itself professes to be a History of the Town of Plymouth, so, I conceive, this '' Introdaction " ought to be, in spite of tautology, a history of this History. The bar- bed form of these curious weapons (which were found at a spot called the " Bloody Pool," now merely a swampy hollow on the verge of Dartmoor) is very unusual in England, only very few other examples IG HISTORY OF PLYMOUTH. TVith- in tlie blades is a kind of core, apparently not metallic, which is interesting as showing the mode of casting.* Of Roman pottery but very few examples are noted as having been found at Plymouth. And whereas (most gracious Sovereigne) it hath been adjudged by men of good sufficiencie, that the finishing of the Fort here,, will stand your Majesty, or any other that shall undertake to accomplish the same, at the least rate, viijc/i; and that the intertaynement of a commander, with his band of 100 men, for the guard of the same, will amount unto little leass than \ijcli. We your humble subjects in regard of your Majestie's service, and the preservation of our own Ubertie, wi U undertake as well to finish the Forte, at our own charges, as also to maintayne a well experyenccd commander, with a sufficient garrison in the same, so it will please your Majestic to give unto us but Yujcli.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. TO ms BOYAL m OHNESS ALBEKT EDWAED, PRINCE OP WALES, K. Saviour's Church — Citadel Church and its Monuments — Portland Chapel — Noncon- formity in Plymouth — Various Dissenting Bodies. — New Municipal Buildings — Corporate Ceremonies — Fishing Feast — Exchange — Custom House — Post Office — Theatre — Assembly Rooms — Library — Mechanics' Institution — Athe- naeum — Volunteers — Water Works — Hospital of Poor's Portion — Alms Houses — ^Hospital of Orphans' Aid — Cemetery — Hospitals and other Charitable Institutions, etc. The spear here engraved, measured 1 4 inches in length, and 2^ inclics in breadth at its broadest part. a bushell ; at Whitsunday, for a heifer that had newly calved £Q Gs. — '^Most gracious Sovereign, we your Majestie's most humble subjects, being neither worthy of that most princely love, and gracious care, your sacred Majesty ever hath had of the good preservation both of our Towne, and of ourselves, nor yet being able to deserve the same, doe most humbly pray the Everlasting, 126 HISTORY OF PLYMOUTH.Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. This, very briefly, I proceed to lay before its readers, and as my work commences its records with the earliest periods of the annals of Plymouth, so this Introduction shall, as it ought, begin with the first attempt to collect materials for its preparation. Nettleton, tlic well kno^n bookseller of Plvmouth, commenced the collection of materials towards a history of that borough, without however, I believe, having any view to arranging them for publication. They consist of portions of cinerary urns, and of various other vessels, with here and there a fragment of a mortariimi. towards the perfecting of the same Forte, with some munition, arti Uerie, and powder, nowe at first, and to grant unto us the whole impost of the pilchards, with allowance of vjc/i.Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. A., £x C«* JSXC«« jhakor of^Hk Lifi of J9aak f Tedgtoood'' ; ^Grave Mumds and tieir Qmttn U'' i ** Life of Wil Uam Button'' ; ^ Domeuiay Book of Derlys Jtire** ; ** CAatrwort Ay ** etc.y etc., etc. His collection mainly consisted of various notices of Plymouth from different histories of Devonshire, and other sources, copied oat into a series of volumes ; extracts from town records ; copies of charters, etc. Luke, who some time afterwards placed it in my hands as the Viii INTRODUCTION. A few small pieces of Samian ware have also, it is said, been dug up. yearly, out of your customes here or elsewhere, towards the intertayn- ment of our garrison and commander, whom we most hiunblie crave maie be Mr.Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. The remainder of the volume I have devoted to a history and description of the town and of its various public buildings, its religious establishments, fortifications, manufactures, insti- tutions and attractions, and of places of interest in its nei^'hbourhood. I know not whether that example is as large as the Plymouth specimen, but those generally found, do not exceed three or four inches in diameter. — The next objects of interest which have been obtained fi-om these explorations, are a series of bronze bracelets ; three of those found being of one foroi, and one of another. — ^^To all Customers, Comptrollers and all others, officers of the several Portes of Devon and Cornwall. For your other matter of the fort (which in my opinion) doth conceme you much neerer, doubt not but whilst I am 130 HISTORY OF PLYMOUTH. Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Hawkins, who both died of sickness and vexation in the course of their very unsuccessful expedition to Spanish America. " The Maior and others of the Town's Men In tiic Towne's use, brought fewer Shippos laden with lye out of Danske, to the great comfort and raloyf Fc, not onlye of the Town's people, but also of the counties of 132 HISTORY OF PLYMOUTH. The Earl of Bath, by order fix)m the council, fixed at Barn- staple a standard price. A principal member of the Corporation of Lyme was allowed G^. After many changes and much skirmishing — forts being taken and retaken and changes being made, both in command of the besiegers and the besieged — the blockade of Ply- mouth, which had been kept up so long, and so unsuccessfully, was finally abandoned, and the town returned to its former peaceful state.Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Thus th^ work is entirely original, and I can safely say that no trouble, pains, or expense, have been spared to make it worthy of the great and growing town whose history it is intended to illustrate. We will describe the most numerous first : — these were formed of solid bronze, flattened upon the internal and rounded upon the external surface ; they opened by a hinge in the middle, which was made by the insertion of a tongue into a deep notch or groove, and secondly a rivet on wliich the two halves swimg. ^'Whereas we are sensiblie informed that the intended Fortifications at Plymouth, being thought verie requisit speedily unto our reliefe, in time of danger, whose 128 HISTORY OF PLYMOUTH. here I shall stoppc itt, which in four or five days I shall be able to write you thereof more at large ; and then if you sonde some bodie up to sollicytc your suit in that behalfe, whilst Sir John Hawkins and myselfe are here together, I surely hope to get the government confirmed in the Towne ; and soe in haste doe bid you heartilie farewell, from Dowgate, the 20th January, 1594. Ha^dng previously given a portrait of Drake, we now on the next page add that of Hawkins, who was as brave and good a seaman as Elizabeth or any other sovereign possessed.* He was father of another brave admiral. '* The expedition under the Earl of Essex, for Cadiz; they sail from hence viz. ])evon and Cornwall, who came from the furthest parts of Devon for the same." " Sundrie parts of the town fortified with Barracks and the Gates made." "Wheat IO5., 12^., 15*.; barley 8*., 12*. Any one selling above this price to suffer duress." — (Yonge's Diary). The following is a contemporary account of some of the events connected with this memorable siege, which I insert here in preference to the following year, so as to give the narrative in a connected form.

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