Diary of a dating disaster Naughty sex

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Diary of a dating disaster

Chloe begins to question Rae, asking why she would want to hurt herself, but is interrupted by a phone call. Carrisford and he says he wants to talk, so Chloe says she has to go to his house.

She asks Rae to stay in her bedroom so her parents think that she is in, leaving Rae alone.

She goes jogging, borrows a book on sex from the local library claiming it is for her mother, and throws away all the junk food in the house.

After discovering the contents of the cupboards in the trash bin and hearing gossip about Rae getting books about sex, Rae's mum grounds Rae for 24 hours as punishment, but Rae sneaks out when Archie comes to pick her up.

She's also embarrassed by her lack of sexual experience.

Rae unexpectedly gets asked out by Archie, and decides to make a few changes to prepare herself.

She's happy they got her a ticket until she asks Chop why he invited her, to which he replies because they consider her "one of the lads." She goes outside and is shocked to see Chloe in a car, giving a blowjob to their handsome PE teacher, Mr. She covers the back of her skirt with a sheet of paper and leaves the bathroom to find everyone has left except for Finn, who has his back to her.

The episode ends with Chloe finding Rae's customised hospital bracelet from Tix.

With her best friend, Chloe, in a relationship, Rae also wants a boyfriend, but is worried she'll never get one while she's obese. Gill) when he asks her to try and look in the mirror and compliment herself more, because she is extremely uncomfortable with her appearance.

She then tries to return to the psychiatric hospital, where her friend, Tix, reminds her that she has a chance for a new life outside the hospital.

Tix convinces Rae to go to the pool party where she finds Archie sitting outside.

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He confides in her that he is nervous about swimming as he's embarrassed that he has back acne.

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