Did demi lovato dating alex gaskarth

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The Pop Buzz editorial team argued for hours before deciding on our favourite albums of the year. (Taylor, sweetie, I'm so sorry.) If this were a fair world, Ed Sheeran would have broken the top 10 on Pop Buzz’s Albums of The Year list.

Expertly channelling the era of 1980s ‘new wave’ without ever veering into parody, Taylor’s fluid guitar lines match perfectly with Hayley’s skilful vocal while Zac’s returning drum patterns holding the whole operation together.

After years of being locked in record label purgatory, unable to release new music due to ongoing legal cases with her former producer and record label owner Dr Luke, Kesha finally released a new album - a full five years since her last - and it was easily the strongest record of her entire career.

Gone was the gaudy $ in her name and the 20 layers of auto-tune, and a proper artist emerged with her own ideas and feelings to share with the world. ‘Slow Hands’ is without a doubt one of the best songs the year, he puts Ed Sheeran’s penchant for an Irish folk bop to shame on ‘On My Own’.

‘Ruin The Friendship’, which may or may not be about Nick Jonas, is actual perfection.

‘Sorry Not Sorry’ is a banger we truly didn’t deserve considering how much sinning we’ve all done this year.

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Even the gospel inspired title track blows everything Demi has ever done out the window. But on , Wolf Alice said ‘fuck that’ and opted to make a bold and inventive rock record that prioritises heart and soul across it’s 12 tracks.

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