Doric order dating speed dating swansea wales

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Make your way down the cliff-side via winding, cobblestone streets filled with local vendors.

Spend your day sunbathing and cave swimming off the rocky beaches or snorkeling in the coves.

In folklore, one of his greatest pupils was a prostitute, and he preached all humans were equalm for they're all skeletons underneath TIL when Elvis Presley's debut single was first played on the local radio station, he was invited for an on-air interview.

The DJ asked Elvis which high school he attended: a roundabout way of informing the audience of his race without actually asking the question TIL Pompeii had snack bars that are likened to fast food restaurants.

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When visiting make sure to take time for one of these awesome day trips from Rome!

Soak up the incredible history of the archaic town with a walking tour– the local guides are incredibly knowledgeable (and multilingual), and will vastly enhance your experience.

Wander through the ruins of the thermal bathhouse and gladiator theater, learning how ancient Itlaians lived.

Peter in Erfurt, right above the latrine pit of the monks.

Due to the weight of the party the floor of the room collapsed and up to 100 nobles died plummeting in the fecal pool.

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Either way, don’t miss the famous, thin crust, Napolean pizza– the best, some say, in all of Italy.