Druze men dating consolidating 8th grade high school

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Druze men dating

Masri’s youth group began as a faction of the American Druze Society (ADS), a cultural group that has been a pillar of the Druze community since 1908.Made up of more than 20 local chapters — in California, Texas, Florida and other states — the ADS serves as the main organization for Druze in the U.When Mazen Takri was a teenager finishing high school in the suburbs of Los Angeles, a 150-year-old religious conflict came to haunt him in the most unexpected of places: his dating life.He met a girl whose family was Maronite, members of the largest Christian group in Lebanon.

In an act of self-preservation, the Druze went underground in 1043 and haven’t accepted converts since. Second- and third-generation Druze Americans are often assimilated into American youth culture, and many move further from the faith when they enter high school and college.

The religion has also struggled with restrictions that some consider out of step with contemporary life in the U. According to Michael Malek Najjar, a professor of theater arts at the University of Oregon and a second-generation Druze American, prohibitions on intermarriage and being openly gay are “driving a lot of Druze away.” He added that these issues “are frankly causing a major schism in the American Druze and Western Druze societies that are going to lead to a gradual diminishment of the faith.” Ismail Poonawala, a professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at UCLA, agrees that the failure to update centuries-old mandates could be doing a disservice to everybody.

“Eventually [the religious leaders] will lose the faith of the community,” he said.

S., providing spiritual, educational and professional support for the diaspora.

While Masri is unsure about the future of the religion, he thinks that the community around it will carry on.

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