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Ebay sex chat

It ended up being a hacker that got into the buyer's account. The buyer apparently claimed that the purchase was "unauthorized" immediately following the purchase, but continued to message me on e Bay confirming that they wanted the item shipped.So there is no need to leave negative reviews - I guess many people who did that just don't know about these features.If the case is decided in your favour, you will be fully refunded and seller forced to accept return and charged full amount. In general, sellers are way more exposed than buyers - we can't even start a case against dishonest buyer and by default the buyer is always right.Whene you wrote that yours own sponsored fraudster, a thief and a robber "partner" seller "home_garden360" refunded my money 4.51 which "home_garden360" robbed from me by your helping and sponsorship, is real? The seller refunded 4.51 to your original payment method in Pay Pal. From both ends: buyers are way better protected than the sellers and there is a lot of room for a scam no matter how genuine seller you are.

I would have never imagined seeing policy and site/system changes go so wrong so badly.

The good thing about e Bay is very accessible customer support: you can email, call and chat.

However, the outcome really depends on the competency of the person sitting at the other end and they are not always trained to help you solve cases which are even moderately complex.

Brought an alien statue from this seller( friend-jp ) for US 9.99 as a guest buyer.

Seller's description stated statue as very good condition and told me that he/she will inspect the item cause the item is in the warehouse. Upon inspection on the statue looks mint in condition but the sad part is that when I try to attach the tail key right into the back of the statue keyhole the part around the key area couldn't hold the tail cause the keyhole apparently got tampered too big to hold the the tail key.

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I'd expect better service and better protection for the fees e Bay charges you off every sale.

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