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Edward norton salma hayek dating

She slyly said she'd received a big diamond ring from "a very handsome, 33 year old actor." She's made it know that she was a "friend" of Pitt's, so everybody knew who she was referring to.When asked about their "relationship", the bewildered Pitt said "I've hung out with Courtney." He meant that they'd been in the same ROOM on occasion but never fornicated.

I notice you share the same judgemental traits so I might as well give as good as I get from the likes of you.

I guess he thought he could change her and make her into a different kind of person. And he probably thought he was making some "street cred" for himself by associating with her.

Maybe he found it exciting to be involved with a "punk rock" singer, a screeching, potty-mouthed, painted up, fucked up drug-addicted whore.

She said he gave her a thirty thousand dollar ring "when he had forty thousand dollars to his name! In the revealing documentary "Kurt and Courtney" the director of the movie talks briefly with Courtney's father.

" In the liner notes to one of her wretched CDs, she gushed about him and declared him to be the great love of her her life (not Kurt Cobain) and thanked him "for letting me love you." She said he was "more of a father to Frances than Kurt ever was! He asked her father if he'd spoken to Courtney recently; her father said no, but her mother had.

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Both men claim never to have even had sex with her (I believe them).