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Fast page load response time is a one of the key metrics for user satisfaction.

Memcached and similar distributed caching technologies are used today in most (if not all) well-known big websites (Linkedin, Facebook others).

Expiration times can be set from 0, meaning “never expire”, to 30 days.

Any time higher than 30 days is interpreted as a timestamp date.delete() The simplest method of invalidation is to simply delete an entry and have your website re-cache the data the next time it’s fetched.

Safe Peak is pre-packaged software that is specifically designed to cache SQL Server queries.

It automates many of the steps that developers would try to do manually with Memcached.

SQL Server is expensive to scale with bigger hardware, which also can trigger increased license fees.

Let’s quickly recap the many reasons to use data caching with SQL Server: Another benefit of caching is its impact on database scalability.SQL Server will scan the WHOLE customer table, but your result-set will only be a few entries long.When you reissue your query, SQL Server will reuse the query plan and will rescan the customer table, (and if you are lucky the pages are still in memory)When you use application cache, you store your result-sets in Memcached RAM.You can pass the new data into the same routine that normally checks for data, or however you want to structure it.Data caching is considered a key component of a high performance and scalable application architecture.

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