El salvador dating customs

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In 1833, an Indian rebellion of indigo sowers and cutters led by Anastasio Aquino demanded distribution of land to the poor and the just application of the penal laws, the only laws applied to the poor. Thousands of rural peasants were displaced as new laws incorporated their lands into large "modern" coffee plantations where peasants were forced to work for very low wages.

This created a coffee oligarchy made up of fourteen families.

Mountains separate the country into the southern coastal belt, the central valleys and plateaus, and the northern mountains.

These regions have created slight cultural variations because of the different crops grown in each one.

That year the United Provinces of Central America were formed from five Central American countries.

During the civil war, both sides sang the national hymn. Before the Spanish conquest, the area that is now El Salvador was made up of two large Indian states and several principalities. Spain's first attempt to conquer the area failed as the Pipil forced Spanish troops to retreat.

The first decades of independence saw uprisings by poor mestizos and Indians to protest their impoverishment and marginalization.

Before the cultivation of coffee was introduced in the late nineteenth century, indigo was the principal export crop.

Under them were the criollos , Spaniards born in the Americas.

The mestizos were people of mixed Spanish and indigenous descent, who had some rights but could not hold private property.

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The encomienda system obliged Indians to work for the Spanish in order to pay a large tax.