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Empath dating

Being able to feel other people’s physical hurts can be really weird, and difficult to deal with, especially if they have chronic pain conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia.

How can you manage the pain from a condition that you don’t have?

This is a common occurrence in “empath sex.” Remember that bit about being able to anticipate one another’s needs, and putting each other first?

Well, when both parties are focused on the other person’s pleasure, can sense what they need/want, and are utterly present, in the moment, hyper-focused on one another… The intimacy that’s possible when two people can meld energy and feel what one another is feeling is nothing short of miraculous.

It can be difficult to navigate, especially if and when they seem to be okay on the surface, and you’re anxious or angry and have no idea where these feelings are stemming from.

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You know when you get really, REALLY excited and happy about something and want to share that happiness with the person you love?

Well, when you’re both empaths, that’s exactly what happens. Do you remember that exploding volcano experiment in science class when you were a kid?

One thing that almost all empaths have in common is a deep love of animal companionship.

It can be difficult when an empath is in a relationship with a non-empath, because that person may not understand just how important it is to have non-human companionship in the home.

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Below are some of the pros and cons that occur when two empaths pair up.

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