Erin andrews and tim tebow dating what to say on an online dating first message

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Erin andrews and tim tebow dating

Earlier this week, Disney announced their acquisition of the Star Wars franchise and plans to make the 7th Star Wars movie for release in 2015.This means two things – one, hopefully the legend of Star Wars won't end with that disappointment of the early 2000s.Princess Leia – Samantha Steele Who's the leading lady at ESPN these days?Well, with Michelle Beadle and Erin Andrews moving on to other galaxies far, far away it's time for a new woman to step into a starring role.R2-D2 – Adam Schefter C-3PO – Chris Mortensen Like the famed droids, Schefter and Mortensen often get their screen time together, and both have proved important to ESPN's NFL coverage.The sheer amount of information Schefter produces is remarkable, and he may well know how to shut down trash compactors on the Bristol detention level, while Mort often finds important sources on bigger issues, and he's also revered as a "golden God" by the Ewoks. ) Yoda – John Clayton The extremely wise, diminutive Yoda is a quirky character who gives Luke and other characters a plethora of advice. Jabba The Hut – Chris Berman Do you see a resemblance?You can see a lot of Palpatine in Doria's dismissing of the sport of hockey or his role in the Free Bruce saga.Besides, can't you just see him saying "Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station" to rival networks?

Besides, the only way Skip's obsession with Tim Tebow makes any rational sense whatsoever is if he is secretly Tebow's father.

Luke Skywalker – Tim Tebow The Star Wars good guy was perhaps the toughest casting call.

Who at ESPN could represent the prototypical, archetype hero?

As the new Star Wars/Disney marriage launches, we thought about which Star Wars characters are the best fit for the heroes and villains of Bristol.

In a galaxy far, far away, maybe Skip Bayless really is Tim Tebow's father…

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Lando wound up having his Cloud City mining operation seized by the Empire while Jaws had his Monday Night Football gig seized before this season so the WWL could feature Jon Gruden more.

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