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Essential dating skills

He may have thought to himself that he’s not good looking enough for her, or that she likes a different type of guy, but in reality, she was just testing his confidence, or she didn’t want to seem too keen or she wanted to test how interested he really was. If you’re looking to attract and pick up a woman for sex or a relationship, she wants to be able to get to know the real you.So, if you’re out there attracting and dating women, it’s important to understand that they really do want to get to sex and have a relationship, fall in love and enjoy companionship. She doesn’t want to get to know a formal version of you who is putting on an act of being nicer and more formal than you actually are.Yet, if you find that you suddenly change and you put on an act of being nicer and more formal and polite than you actually are, then you’re making attracting and dating women more difficult than it actually is.

Additionally, if she doesn’t want to just sleep with a guy and she’s actually looking for a relationship, then she’s going to keep her guard up around a guy who just wants to have sex with her and then be done with her. When you do that, attracting and dating women is very easy.These are traits that you can easily and effortlessly display as you’re talking to a woman.For example: If you playfully mess with a woman at times while you’re talking to her, then you are displaying confidence, the ability to make her laugh, charm (because you’re making her feel attracted and you’re being a good guy as you’re talking to her) and emotional masculinity (because you’re not afraid to playfully mess with a woman).As I said, one of those things is to playfully mess with her when she says something to you, rather than taking the conversation so seriously all the time. Do you get access to like a VIP bathroom or something like that? I wouldn’t want to go to the bathroom with all the common folk…you know, all the normal assistants.For example: You asked her what she does for a living and she says that she works as an executive assistant. I’m an executive assistant, give me a VIP bathroom, I’m special.” By talking to her in that way, you’re showing her that you’re not taking the conversation so seriously.

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