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Ethics of physician dating former patient

Widner said this would allow the panel to make sure that Ghabbour has received proper therapy for his boundary violation with Patient A.Ghabbour’s lawyer, Paul-Erik Veel, argued for a nine to 12-month suspension along with a condition that Ghabbour seek therapy, saying it’s important to keep in mind that Ghabbour pleaded guilty, that this was an isolated incident for someone with no prior discipline history, and that Ghabbour has suffered from depression. Julian Gojer also testified that Ghabbour is at a low risk to reoffend, but admitted on the stand that there would be “enormous work” involved in Ghabbour’s therapy because he now lives with Patient A.She also attended Ghabbour’s two-day discipline hearing.The college began investigating Ghabbour after Patient A’s family filed a complaint.

(c) If they interact with patients on the Internet, physicians must maintain appropriate boundaries of the patient-physician relationship in accordance with professional ethical guidelines, just as they would in any other context.

All physicians should work to ensure that the needs of the poor in their communities are met.

Caring for the poor should be a regular part of the physician’s practice schedule.

If the behavior significantly violates professional norms and the individual does not take appropriate action to resolve the situation, the physician should report the matter to appropriate authorities.

(f) Physicians must recognize that actions online and content posted may negatively affect their reputations among patients and colleagues, may have consequences for their medical careers (particularly for physicians-in-training and medical students), and can undermine public trust in the medical profession.

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The penalty of revocation is “appropriate and necessary to protect the public and ensure that public trust in the profession is maintained and that public trust in the regulator is maintained,” college lawyer Elisabeth Widner told the five-member panel Wednesday.

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