Example of non sedating antihistamine

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Example of non sedating antihistamine

The methods of prescription-event monitoring have been previously described in detail.5 In brief, the general practitioner writes a prescription which the patient takes to the pharmacist.

These questionnaires seek to determine any event experienced by patients while they were taking the drug and for a period afterwards.

Table 1 gives the age and sex distribution of patients treated with each antihistamine.

The demographics of each cohort were roughly similar.

To date, 65 prescription-event monitoring studies have been undertaken with a mean cohort size of 11 055 patients.

Prescription-event monitoring has various strengths and weaknesses.5 The method is non-interventional and does not interfere with general practitioners' decisions about the most suitable treatment for a patient.

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Incidence densities were calculated for all of the events reported, to give an indication of which events were reported significantly more frequently in the first month of exposure.

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