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In our case, we select a fill color under the Fill tab. Click the OK button in the New Formatting Rule dialog box.And then you will see the specified range is conditionally formatted based on the values from another workbook.

But with Kutools for Excel’s Combine (worksheets and workbooks) utility, you can get it done with just several clicks! This method will refer values from another workbook to the current worksheet, and then apply the conditional formatting to the range in the current worksheet. Open both workbooks you will apply conditional formatting across, select a blank cell you will refer values from another workbook, says Cell G2, enter the formula into it, and then drag the Auto Fill Handle to the range as you need.

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Applying conditional formatting in a Pivot Table can be a bit tricky.

The issue with this method is that it has applied the conditional format to a fixed range of cells (B5: D14).

If you add data in the backend and refresh this pivot table, the conditional formatting would not get applied to it.

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Suppose you have a pivot table as shown below: In the above dataset, the date is in the rows and we have store sales data in columns.