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Although the vehicle’s air-conditioning system was working well, we had no illusions about the soaring temperature outside as could be seen by the mirages that loomed endlessly ahead of us.By then, we were going at an average speed of 140km/hr.Although we had been reassured on how smooth the road leading to Mecca was, the fact remained that vast expanses of land through which the road ran are actually uninhabited.

Processing proved rather brisk and it took merely 15 minutes to clear immigration.

A quick snack followed before we pressed on towards Sila, 400km away, the UAE exit checkpoint before stepping on Saudi soil.

By now, the kids were keeping themselves entertained with the board games and toys they had brought along.

Saudi Arabia’s visa application form had to be translated to Arabic, Bahrain’s must be type-written.

It took hours merely to sort out these essentials, not to mention the many trips to the respective embassies.

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