Female seeking male for dating and fun

Posted by / 01-Nov-2020 08:09

i'm a 1st year college student, and all i seem to do is work, go to school, and practice in the local symphony.

i would like someone to spend my extra time with, someone that will encourage me in all the endeavours that i plan to endure. i want someone that won't rush this relationship, because i've been rushed too many times before, and i don't think my heart can take just one more heartache.

It has, therefore, become possible for almost any man to find an informal experience with restricted problem.

I enjoy a healthy lifestyle but I party occasionally then recover for awhile.In my spare time I am a smart ass but occupy my time with music. I love to party, snowboard, surf, workout, sleep, lil dogs, scary movies, and kcikin it with the girls.I sing and play the keyboards and enjoy any style of music. i dislike drama, liars, cheating, bugs, snakes, spiders, gothic people, and heights.They can not go to a disco and a hook of some girls show a wedding ring. Welcome to the new Internet age, where you can find what you want, including a date.This applies particularly discreet relationships and dates site for relationship people.

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