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What you have stumbled upon is a very unique swingers club on the Florida panhandle that caters to women who love hung men. '' ''yes i do, i need it for my deck'' ''its ok, here put this in your mouth and you can leave with the card boy '' his bb… Read more Chapter 4: Mary-Jo’s own story Finally, I meet Mary-Jo. I had been wearing skinny jeans and form fitting tops the entire time and noticed that one of the security guard had been checking me out.According to the site, single women looking for men larger than 8” were welcome for free and if you are from out of town, they not only have accommodations so you could stay overnight for free but they… Read more This won’t be the only story worth telling about my ex-wife, nor is there any particular reason I posted this one, except it’s on the shorter side and I’d recently came to mind while think of stories about her to write up. Mary-Jo tells me it is my ‘fault’ she is at the Dark Africa Breeding Farm. On the last day I approached him and asked him if he would be interested in a little party in my room later.We had flirted and teased sexually, known there was a spark, but we had not dated, it was not something one did then, interracial dating, in the South.

So my ex-wife is a good looking brunette, blue eyes. I told him that if he wanted he could bring a couple friends.

The fire had apparently not extinguished as we shortly found… Read more Rediscovering Julie Yikes, it was hot! I was walking out of the sports arena where the new cadets had been assembled and marched off, leaving parents, wiping sweat from my forehead.

I was intently admiring the quite fine ass of a black lady about my age 6 feet in front of me.

I hear water running and him returning… Read more One night on a restless evening in where you couldn’t fall asleep you decide to surf around on the internet until you come across a very unusual website. My dad is always screaming or yelling: 'Niggers fuck all our white daughters', 'Niggers will knock up all our white daughters', 'Niggers push their dirty black cock in all our white daughters', 'Niggers will cum inside all our daughter's cunt', 'All our daughters will only get Nigger cocks'.

At first you were looking of pics of well-hung men that led to some dating sites for women looking for well-endowed men. Tight as all hell… Read more He was beating me at the game and i would loose my chance to get the rare card I was so mad I wanted that card so bad for my deck the manager must have seen my disappointment from accross the room and came to talk with me He had more he said asking me if i wanted to help him in the backstore I followed him , his name was Joseph , nice owner of the store , in his 40s tall black dude he closed his office door , alone in the backstore ''this card id worth 60 you know? I loved my parents, but the… Read more I attended a seminar in Rome, Ga.

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The shift was busy due to staffing shortages and I had several patients to look after. He had just recently retired from being a line worker.