Gail kim dating bret hart

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Gail kim dating bret hart

This began with an on-screen feud with her former alliance, Storm, and his new manager Jacqueline.The first encounter between the group was on February 11, 2007 at TNA's Against All Odds PPV event in a Mixed Tag Team match, which Kim and her partner, Petey Williams, lost.After obtaining her degree from Ryerson University, Kim decided to become a professional wrestler and joined Ron Hutchinson's "School of Pro Wrestling" in Toronto.

Kim was introduced to World Wrestling Federation (WWF) employee Nora Greenwald (known on-screen as Molly Holly) by Jason Sensation in 2001; Greenwald encouraged Kim to send her videos and tapes to WWF officials, which eventually led to her contract.Kim made her in-ring debut on July 16, 2006 at TNA's Victory Road PPV event in a Six Man Mixed Tag Team match with AMW against A. At TNA's Hard Justice PPV event on August 13, 2006, Kim defeated Sirelda in a standard wrestling match.In early 2007 after the dissolution of AMW, Kim began a more active role as an in-ring competitor in TNA.She is perhaps best known for her tenure with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), where she won the WWE Women's Championship in her first match.Kim began her career wrestling on the Canadian independent circuit, before joining WWE in 2002.

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