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Gay polyamorous dating site

I experienced this from my former partner as I knew we still loved each other, just us being romantic partners no longer worked.I experienced this from others as support, compassion, understanding, attraction, and caring.I am poly regardless of whether or not I am in a relationship.I believe, and reiterate, that for me poly is the understanding I can have more than one loving relationship. Remember that time when you met that great guy/gal and just hit it off?At first I thought this was positive, but I now see he it can also be a bit dangerous.Since polyamorous relationships are organic it is perfectly reasonable to be severing a substantial relationship while in another.

That said, none of these are downsides to polyamory, just things to be aware of.

These boundaries will allow the processing and balance to occur and things to move forward.

It’s been a while since I have written since I have had a lot on my mind and have been trying to figure a lot of things out.

Turns out the “honeymoon phase” we tried to recreate did not have the results we expected.

While it was fun, it to me seemed a bit too contrived and artificial.

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One risk is the person in the relationship that is discontinuing feeling they are being replaced.

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