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Dazzling Princess Calling yourself a princess makes people think that you are entitled, but “dazzling princess” makes it sound like a princess that you would actually like to get to know.21. Dimple Doll This name only really works if you are cute and you have dimples.25.

Dazzling Snuggle Snuggle might be too cute, but a dazzling snuggle sounds like an intelligent gal that you would love to spend an evening cuddling in front of a fireplace with.22. As a side note—for your own safety–, do not try the challenge.23. Diva Tulips Not sure what it means, but it sounds interesting.26.

Dandelion Monster Monster is too terrifying and scary, but if you add “Dandelion” to it, the name becomes cute—think of a gremlin rather than a chupacabra.19.

Dazzled Sweetie If you are a shy, sweet girl, then Dazzled Sweetie is the name for you.20.

Cupcake Hugs Like the last username, this name can be modified into “Kup Kake” or “Kupcake” if it is originally taken.16.

Cutie Bun In addition to being a great username, this name sounds a lot like a pet name that your boyfriend or husband would give to you.17.

Icy Peppermint Peppermint is my favorite flavor, so this just seems like a natural username choice.47.

Jelly Cuddles Not entirely sure what these words mean together, but it sounds kind of cute.48.

Forever Bubblegum Forever Bubblegum sounds like a username that could also double as a band name.33.

Genie Dolphin A genie who is also a dolphin would quickly become my favorite mythological creature.37.

Glitzy Go Of course, you can always modify this name to make it into Glitzy Girl—if that name is still available.38.

Jelly Snowballs If only jelly snowballs were an actual food, then my life would be complete.49. Magic Pizza If you love pizza, this is the name for you.55.

Karot Picnic If you happen to like diamonds or gold, you could always change this to Karat Picnic.50. Live Chic Or this could be modified into lively chic! Mayflower Madame Although a madame normally runs a brothel, this username seems to suggest that you are the manager or May-time flowers.56.

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Crazy Kup Kakes I love how cute this name is, and how unique it remains.

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