Group dating handouts are the twilight costars dating

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Group dating handouts

(social skills, Asperger Syndrome, 0219) Thinking About Emotions Game — This worksheet is designed to help people think and talk about their feelings.

Players pitch a penny on the worksheet and then talk about the feeling where the penny lands.

— This worksheet can be used with people who have social anxiety to help them overcome symptoms that may keep them from dating.

The worksheet uses the principles of exposure therapy to help people address this problem.

(social anxiety, passivity, shyness, relationships, 1118). Handling Social Events That Might Trigger Addictions — This worksheet is designed to help people who have problems with alcohol and drug use prepare for social events. (depression, anxiety, social skills 0817) How Do You Want to Be Treated?It consists of a die with six questions that can be printed and assembled.A blank template die can be used to custom-make other self-disclosure games.PDF Practicing Being Imperfect — This worksheet is designed to help people take more social risks.Many people with social anxiety dread that they will embarrass themselves in public.

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This worksheet asks them to choose three situations where they deliberately make a social mistake in order to see that others really don't care.