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Rolls-Royce holds a research and development branch for their aviation sector in Guaymas to help expand its supply chain entity that has resulted in aerospace industry growth for Sonora in the long term.

Students in the area have the opportunity participate in courses in Applied Mathematics, Metrology and basic CNC machining skills.

Samples selected for radiocarbon analyses were freeze-dried, homogenized, and acidified to remove Ca CO₃, allowing for the analysis of remaining organic matter, and preventing the distortion of radiocarbon ages by methane-derived carbonates.

Acidification was performed on ~200 mg of sample, which was treated with ~5ml buffered p H 5 acetic acid solution for ~24 hours to dissolve the Ca CO₃.

AMS uses a particle accelerator in conjunction with ion sources, large magnets, and detectors to separate out interferences and count single atoms in the presence of 1x1015 (a thousand million million) stable atoms, measuring the mass-to-charge ratio of the products of sample molecule disassociation, atom ionization and ion acceleration." AMS permits ultra low-level measurement of compound concentrations and isotope ratios that traditional alpha-spectrometry cannot provide.

More from Purdue University: Guaymas Basin in the central Gulf of California is an active tectonic spreading center overlain with thick, organic-rich sediments.

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A piston corer is capable of extracting core samples up to 90 feet in length.