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Hate dating men with children

The next guy I got involved with turned out to have a girlfriend.The guy after that also turned out to have a girlfriend, only he got me pregnant, too, so I had to get an abortion (which is obviously a blast).Your daughter will be expecting more independence in the years ahead, though, and it sounds as if she’s earned it, so I’d be on the lookout for other signs Dad is having a hard time seeing his little girl get ready to leave the nest. It’s an opinion that feels more timely now in the era of Trump and Weinstein and Cosby and Ailes and [insert millions of other names here], but one that I’m afraid might ultimately ruin any chance I have of contentment if I can’t figure out a way to stop being angry all the time.Looking into my crystal ball, I see your sister taking a while to get the message, so any time she brings up the psychic, interrupt her immediately, remind her you’re not interested, and change the subject. A couple of weeks ago, my fifteen-year-old daughter asked me if she could have her hair dyed blonde.We had been looking at pictures of her when she was a toddler with beautiful blond hair that has darkened quite a bit over the years.

I’m divorced with no kids and my girlfriend is divorced with two kids, 9 and 12. There’s no way to sugar coat this, though: I don’t like the kids. My girlfriend has joint custody with her ex-husband, so they’re around a lot. Is there hope for this relationship, or should I cut my losses?My daughter keeps asking me when we can go to the salon and I keep stalling, hoping my husband will change his mind, but he’s as against it as ever. Sincerely, Caught in the Middle Dear Caught, It sounds like your husband may be having a hard time seeing his little girl turn into a young woman, with all that implies.I don’t think what your daughter is asking is unreasonable, but while your husband is being too rigid, I don’t think his point-of-view is completely outlandish, either.I got to college and still had no success dating (plenty of lovely male friends, though!), and finally lost my virginity while studying abroad to a guy who had a girlfriend. The next guy I got involved with — my longest relationship, if you could call sporadic cross-country liaisons that — had literally been a pimp.

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I’ve never met my father, and the only times we’ve spoken he’s been heinous — most recently, he slid into my DMs (really) to get my email in order to ask me for a paternity test because “you know how your mother [the woman who raised me, and would give everything she has for me] is.” I was 24 at the time, and have never asked him for anything.

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