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Hexum dating

In fact, there have been a few times in entertainment history when performers have actually died doing what they loved: hanging out on movie or TV sets, waiting for the crew to set up the next shot…or while actually filming a take…or while doing their thing on a live TV broadcast.Here's a list of some stars who kept on working up to and until the their last breaths — they never got a chance to retire, because they died while working on a movie or television show.

One filming day in October 1984 was fraught with shooting delays.Jon-Erik Hexum was an American actor who died on the sets of his series ‘Cover Up’ and gained international attention after the unfortunate incident. In 1980, he moved to New York to start his professional acting career.Born and raised in New Jersey, Jon initially studied biomedical engineering in college and then majored in economics and philosophy. In 1981, he got in touch with a major Hollywood celebrity manager and moved to Los Angeles.Okay, well Foxx didn't bring the "big one" routine into the You know that gesture people make when they're so bored that they form a gun shape with their thumb and forefinger, put it up to their temple, and pretend to blow their brains out?At least one person has died from doing the finger gun thing with a prop weapon on the set of a TV show.

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Jon-Erik Hexum (November 5, 1957 – October 18, 1984) was an American model and actor. I'm fairly confident about what I do and I'm just doing the best I can.