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But in determining the birth of Christ, Dionysius had to wrestle to combine defective historical records with the ambiguous evidence of the Bible.St Matthew's gospel, for example, states that Christ was born in the time of Nero, who we now know died in 4 BC.When Constantine Christianised the Roman Empire in the fourth century AD, the Roman calendar became the Christian calendar.It was adopted as such in AD 325, at the first General Council of the Christian church at Nicea, in what is now western Turkey.The day is the commonest and most straightforward measure of time.But days are not equal in length because the earth's orbit is elliptical; when the earth is on the steeper part of its curve, it gets a bit further round the sun in one rotation than when it is on the shallow part of its orbit.The Christian calendar was what is known as a 'retrofit', and a rather awkward one at that, done a full five centuries after the epoch it was meant to fit.

Asked to calculate the correct date of Easter by the Pope, he went back to first principles and fixed a new base year for the calendar: the year of the birth of Christ, which he called Anno Domini (the Year of our Lord) 1.Only the ignorant, they insist, will take any notice of the year 2000, since we shall still be in the twentieth century until it ends.The first millennium began on 1 January AD 1; the second millennium began on 1 January 1001; the third millennium will therefore begin on new year's day 2001.The Roman calendar in his day had got badly out of synch with the heavens, so much so that the rites of the spring equinox in March were happening before the winter solstice in December.Caesar, using his dictatorial powers, put in one year of 446 days to bring all to rights, and then instituted the current system of twelve-month, 365-day years with a leap year every fourth year.

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