Hutsul dating

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Hutsul dating

These instruments were manufactured from 1950-1986. 3) Concert cimbaloms: originally developed in Hungary by József Schunda in the 1870s.

These instruments stand on four legs, have many more strings, and a damping pedal.

Zuliak later made three different types of instrument.

Instruments were also made by the Chernihiv Musical Instrument Factory.

The strings are strung in groups of 3-5, which are tuned in unison.

The bass strings may have 1 or 2 wrapped strings tuned in union.

The instrument spread in popularity among the population in the Carpathians in Southwestern Ukraine particularly among the Hutsuls and Bukovinians.

Shumeiko, Volodymyr Zubytsky, Anatoliy Haidenko, Bohdan Kotiuk, Izydor Vymer, Dezyderiy Zador, Myroslav Skoryk and Yevhen Stankovych.

These instruments were designed by Ivan Skliar aided by O.

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It is a chordophone made up of a trapezoidal box with metal (steel or bronze) strings strung across it.

The tsymbaly is played by striking two beaters against the strings.

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These instruments usually have 12-13 courses of strings.

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